To Catch Gold Fish

If you want to make money from your website (either directly or indirectly), you must assume that you are dealing with an uninterested zombie – even if they typed in your keywords to land on your website.

Assume anything else, and you will achieve less than what you have achieved, or maybe nothing at all.

A typical television surfer has an attention span of approximately 7 seconds. That means the advertiser has less than 7 seconds to grab and hold the interest of the person sitting in front of the box, failing which, the person becomes uninterested even though staring at the television.

The job is easier on the web. You’ve got 2 seconds more to sell. The addictive nature of web browsing leaves us with an attention span of nine seconds – the same as a goldfish.

That’s it, fellas! 9 Seconds.

How you use the first nine seconds is the make or break moment. In these nine seconds, you’ve got to get the attention of the zombie and jolt it to a normal state of conscious attentiveness.

The first step of all salesmanship/marketing is to get people’s attention. Examples would include dressing yourself up as a penguin and jumping in front of the every passing prospect, using proper headlines and focusing on content. It is any method, technique, trick or basically anything to get attention. You can’t do anything to sell people if you don’t have their attention.

Now you’ll need to keep modifying the website or the landing pages until all you want your prospect to know and understand about your business is communicated in less than 9 seconds.

Happy selling!

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