Making Money From Mobile Apps

So you want to make some money from mobile apps? Good news! You are in the right place! Have a read below and if you have any other questions you can get in touch with us.
Will I make lots of money?
That all depends on the category and target audience your app is made for. Some apps seem to fly right from the off and others seem to tick along nicely and break even over a certain period of time.
Angry Birds made millions, will my app be the same?
The dudes at Rovio mobile have actually been in the mobile apps industry way before the iPhone was even invented. They were already nicely placed to create the Angry Birds game, had the talented resources and ability at the right time, they utilized it.
What are the best ways to monetize my app?
1) In-App purchase: You create a game or mobile app that has useful but limited functionality, then if the end user wants to increase its usefulness they can purchase upgrades from within the application.
2) Advertising: This is not one of the best options but it can be very successful depending on the nature of your app. Adverts take up valuable screen space but this is another great way of making a steady income from the app.
3) Lite versions: A popular option, have a free “lite” version and a paid “pro” version. Having a free cut down version of your app with basic functions, leaving all the really juicy stuff for the paid version, is a good way to get the app brand out there.